Thursday 2 January 2014

LCA2014 - 2 sleeps to go!

Somehow, 99 days have flown by and we're now at 2 sleeps until LCA2014.  Wow.

So what's happened in this period?  How can 99 days pass without comment?  It's only by examining my photo-stream and Tripit that I can piece together what's been happening:

I started a great new job at Rackspace working on upstream OpenStack - which has been wonderful!  I've helped out on a school camp for 10 year olds. I've been to San Antonio for the first time, and Sydney 4 times. I've dressed up as a mullet-toting 80's rocker and had weekends away on Yorke Peninsula, Victor Harbor and Mt Crawford forrest (twice) with my family.  And spent many nights playing board games with good friends.

Life is busy but such a blessing.

The next week is also a highlight of the year -  The best conference going, along with a great community of freedom lovers!  Not to mention catching up with a whole bunch of people I only get to see once a year.  What talks am I looking forward to this coming week?
  • Monday:  
    • There's a bunch of stuff on the Developer, Testing, Release and Continuous Integration Automation miniconf that's interesting, especially failtest: more path testing for C
  • Tuesday: 
    • Just about everything in the OpenStack Miniconf.  This will be fantastic!
  • Wednesday: 
    • VirtIO 1.0: A Standard Emerges
    • Building an affordable differential GPS positioning system
    • Linception: Playing with containers under linux
    • Python 3: Making the Leap
    • HTTP/2.0 And You
    • Rock your Emacs
    • The changing Linux kernel development process
    • Building 2D rendering acceleration with OpenGL
    • Embedding Codec 2
    • Bringing more women to Free and Open Source Software
    • Advances in Validation of Concurrent Software
    • Continuous Integration for your database migrations
  • Thursday:
    • Python Packagin 2.0: Playing well with others
    • Rapid OpenStack Deployment for Novices and Experts Alike
    • Gtk to Qt - a strange journey
    • Going Global: Building Global Clusters for OpenStack Swift
    • OpenCL, saving parallel programmers pain today!
    • Zero-Copy Compositing Research to Reality
    • There and Back Again: An Unexpected Journey in Agile Documentation
    • Introduction to Go
  • Friday:
    • Raspberry Pi Hacks
    • Building APIs Develoers Love
    • How OpenStack Improves Code Quality with Project Gating and Zuul
    • The Rust Language: memory, ownership and lifetimes
    • Diskimage-builder: deep-dive into a machine compiler
    • The best CTDB bugs ever!
    • Processing Continuous Integration Log Events for Great Good
    • Best of Breed vs Batteries Included: Design Decisions When Building Frameworks
    • Provisioning Baremetal with OpenStack

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