Saturday 5 July 2014

LCA2015 CFP Closing Real Soon Now

It's July, which means the LCA2015 CFP is open... but not for much longer.

I've been reading through what's been submitted so far, and it looks like will again have an excellent program.  But, as Co-Chair of the Papers Committee, I want the program to be even better! :-)

So if you're working on a open-source or open-hardware project, and you're doing cool stuff, why not come to Auckland in January and speak at one of the best community-driven open-source conferences in the world?  We've got some great information on how to get your proposal accepted (also in video) to help you put your proposal together.

But to be a speaker at LCA2015 you need to make a proposal to speak to the CFP (which closes next Friday Sunday on July 13).  So hurry up, and submit your proposal today!

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  1. Thanks to those who pointed out that I can't read a calendar. The CFP closes on Sunday, not Friday. But the date is correct - July 13 :)